Well, at least that's over...

So, last night , Drae and I had a conversation that essentially established where we are going from here... or rather, not going.

Drae will be moving out sometime within the next couple of weeks - no hard date established - and that will be that. So, a couple of awkward weeks, and we'll see how it goes from there with everything involved in packing her up and out. I believe that she is going to rent a storage locker in the meantime, to get her stuff into until actual move-out dates.


Remember that it is not merely desire for office and wealth which makes men abject and subservient to others, but desire also for peace, and leisure, and travel, and scholarship. For it makes no difference what the external object be, the value you set upon it makes you subservient to another.
— Epictetus, Discourses

Oh fuck, part 2

Part one of the conversation went well, although Kess did not have much to say. To sum up, it was a fact finding mission. There was a fair amount of discussion and the tentative conclusion is this: Drae is going ot go house sit for a month, and in the meantime, we're going to try to work shit out a bit, and see where things are at the end of it. Other things were addressed in the midst of it, but that was the substance. at least shit is on a timeline, of sorts, now.

Part two is another story.


This is without a doubt a truly shitty day. I've suspected it was coming for while, and more than anything, I've fought to put it off as long as possible in hopes that shit would work out. It seems that this is not going to happen.

Its been nearly 4 years since Drae moved in with Kess and I. Lot of heartache, lot of OK times, and a few really good ones, and it looks like that's going to be up the creek. Everyone tries to make it work, over the last year the success rate has been declining, particularly between the girls. They seem to be unable to communicate most of the time, and the relationship between them is bad. Overall, the household status is generally poor, owing mostly to their conflict. No one is getting what they need, much less what they want at this point.
My radar has been going apeshit for about 2 months. Today, is contact day. Details below the cut.

Currently I am...


  • Novel: Taltos by Stephen Brust
  • Esoterica:
    • Commentary on the Liber Al vel Legis
    • Aleister Crowley And the Practice of the Magical Diary, by A. Crowley, Wasserman, et. al

Listening:God Save the Smithereens by the Smithereens

Mental State: Unfocused, somewhat distressed, and undercaffeinated. but well slept for the first time in a while.

Observations on current practice:

  1. I need a chair suited to meditating the God Asana in the altar room. Frankly, I find the chair that's in there is unsuitable both for what it does to my posture and alertness. too damn comfy.

Robert Anton Wilson: Requisat in Pace

Counter-culture hero, Master Magickian, surreal humorist and psychologist, Robert Anton Wilson let the Ka out of the meat-bag on January 11th.

Bob was a hero and friend to a lot of us odd-ducks who grew up during his tenure here on on earth. To me he was a reminder that hilaritas is the defining feature of the spiritually awake, and that grimness accomplishes little, a trick I have yet to master much myself.

So, the world seems a bit darker and a little less full here today which is odd because the universe is irrevocably thermodynamic and Bob was a great conservationist.

Analysing causal chains and temporal association of blog behavior.

I'm tossing up a response to someone else's blog post that I wrote just to get something up here.

Danadarko has observed a pattern in her behavior linking housecleaning with posting to LiveJournal.. For some reason, her call for experiment/research models on the matter tripped something and I vomited forth a bunch of interesting-to-me-at-least random thought.

Reposted below the fold is my response and a slight expansion of that respose.

Free Music! 1931- Go out Dancing (Part 1)

I have a thing about concept albums- When they work I will listen to them until the disc breaks, when they suck, I feel like I've lost out twice over.

In 1984 Plant P released "Pink World", a power-house narrative and meditation on global apocalypse and nuclear war. Then Planet P went dark.

21 years later, Planet P has once again fired up the broadcast antenna with "1931- Go Out Dancing", an political concept piece, which draws unsubtle parallels between the current state of western politics and those of 1930's Europe.


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