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<ul class=”loudtwitter”><li><em>20:19</em> Second floor of barn nearly clean.
Did you know that after many years, even dust can get dusty? <a href=” 521 354”>#</a></li></ul>Automatically shipped by <a href=”http://www.”>LoudTwitter</a>

Tweets for the day

<ul class=”loudtwitter”><li><em>19:19</em> Bought a filter mask today. Started sweeping the second floor of the barn. 93 years of rodent shit, hay dust and f*ck all else going away. <a href=” 239 411”>#</a></li></ul>Automatically shipped by <a href=”http://www.”>LoudTwitter</a>

Liber OZ-Fest 2008

It will be my pleasure to host the KTO’s Liber OZ festival at my abode.

Filled with Joy. Making landry list of cleaning and set-up tasks to accomplish this weekend.

Tweets for the day

<ul class=”loudtwitter”><li><em>20:09</em> F*ucking dog ate a chicken bone. This means more puppy watching. Grrrrrrr. <a href=” 091 838”>#</a></li></ul>Automatically shipped by <a href=”http://www.”>LoudTwitter</a>

Tweets for the day

<ul class=”loudtwitter”><li><em>06:06</em> Arghh. Outlet that powers workstation and network at home needs repair. System offline and 0 xnnxtivity@ home. <a href=” 097 144”>#</a></li></ul>Automatically shipped by <a href=”http://www.”>LoudTwitter</a>


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