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Oh fuck, part 2

Part one of the conversation went well, although Kess did not have much to say. To sum up, it was a fact finding mission. There was a fair amount of discussion and the tentative conclusion is this: Drae is going ot go house sit for a month, and in the meantime, we're going to try to work shit out a bit, and see where things are at the end of it. Other things were addressed in the midst of it, but that was the substance. at least shit is on a timeline, of sorts, now.

Part two is another story.

One of the beefs between the girls is that Kess has a sharp tongue. This is true, and she has worked hard to curb it, with good success. Every now and then, tongue beats brain to punch. Shit happens. Drae says that Kess totally changes stripes when I'm not around. I doubt it somewhat, but I am willing to allow for the possibility that she takes the gloves off when I'm gone, because, I've seen Kess take them off when I am around. But then, I'm not there when this allegedly happens, so WTF do I know? for my nickel, I suspect my not being there to cut off the mutual incivility has more to do with it than anything.

At any rate, part two of the conversation began when Kess decided after an hour or so that she had some stuff that she needed to address. What it was was essentially that she feels like the bad guy in all this. Not true, but that we all take a share. We've been over it before, and it seems to be just a part of her response to any sort of emotional pressure when anyone brings up specific things that need to be addressed. It went reasonably until I decided to go out for a cigarette, so that the girls could have a minute to address the part of the conversation that they were having, which did not directly involve me. I explained that I would be right back, since things were going pretty well so far, and we'd managed to have a 2-hour chat and remain civil through out just an hour earlier.
Then Drae opened up a can of snark to me about Kess. Note irony of doing the same thing she accuses Kess of doing. Totally unacceptable, and Drae really needs to apologize for it. In the meantime, her sincerity is in sorely in question regarding her position of "ideally, would like to work shit out, but not sure that we can." is in question.

Kess went out for a butt, I spoke briefly with Drae about it, went to see is Kess was consolable (no, not really) and came back inside to Talk to Drae and let her know that her approval rating just nose-dived. Comment uncalled for, apology owed.

Kess came back in and said something to the effect that Drae is a complete bitch. Not good either. Drae said something bitchy, that does not mean that it is her only quality.

Me? I had my say, neither seems to want to talk to me, and something about the concept of "two wrongs don't make a right" seems not to be catching on around here. For FUCK' S Sake, can we not have a conversation about loaded material in a semi-rational manner, without resorting to guerilla playground tactics?

At any rate, Kess is sitting at her computer posting something somewhere, I'm posting here, and Drae has gone out for a walk to avoid having to apologize, or deal with Kess. I'm not chasing either one of them this time. I'm handing in my tin badge and referee's shirt. If this is going to work, then they fucking well need to find a way to communicate on their own.

Shitfire. If anyone should be going ballistic here, it's me. point of fact, if I can learn to keep a civil tongue, then those two can as well. took a lot of practice, but I managed.

In the meantime, both girls need to start walking the walk with each other, instead of cat fighting and recriminations.