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Arbeit Macht Frei

The things we do for money. The crap we tolerate for a paycheck.

From a missive to my Über(6x)-Boss

It is my belief that CIS needs to review its policies about log maintenance, use tracking, and data retention in order to better protect our users and the integrity of our network from organizations that have hijacked the DMCA and the notion of copyright. Entities such as the RIAA and MPAA are transitioning from sales-based revenue streams to litigation-based models, and other property holders are following their lead. CIS, as a department, and U..., as an institution, need to recognize that we are victims of an abusive litigation-based blackmail scheme, in which we are being extorted for both labor-resources and information about users.

Email etiquette 101

I work in an IT at a university. I expect, to some extent, to have to deal with morons. It's part of the job. But for fuck's sake, cannot the people in the IT department at least master the art of sending email? So far this morning, the following egregious violations of etiquette have occurred:

As idle as a painted ship...

We've reached the period between commencement and Summer classes that leaves the computer repair center with relatively little to do. So, we drift and try to look busy and spend a lot of time doing some reading to buff up the old skill set and keep busy looking.

And it's getting harder, actually. I think I may go home at lunch and feign death or something for the afternoon. One can only pretend to be busy for so long.

In other news...

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