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Occult Philosophy

Occult Metaphysics, Ethics and Epistemology

Syadasti Syadavaktavya Syadasti Syannasti Syadasti....

I've been rereading Illuminatus! for the 3rd or fourth time. What I'm finding interesting about the experience is that there's always more in the book than I previously realized. My focus this time is on the way that the characters develop through initiatory processes.

Nothing, and the Nature of Moral Valuation

The following is a response to an entry on ShepJoe's LJ.

...displaced from the Nothing into the Something. It's as irrevocable as thermodynamics: more, it's the means by which Universe postpones total entropy. Existence is a loss of perfection; the re-attainment of that perfection is the concert and chorus of being. We are HERE TO GO!

It was asked WTF I was on about. This explains it. sort of.

Eschatological Ideologies in Action

First, read this article from Take a moment and think about how often you hear statements like this being made recently. Take another moment to think about where statements like this appear historically. Try to understand the mindset that the statements Gingrich is making requires: the kind of orientation, ideology and reasoning involved.

Consider now the words "self-fulfilling prophecy".

Are you scared yet? You should be, and the reasons cut fairly deeply. Let me explain my thinking to you...

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