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Nothing, and the Nature of Moral Valuation

The following is a response to an entry on ShepJoe's LJ.

...displaced from the Nothing into the Something. It's as irrevocable as thermodynamics: more, it's the means by which Universe postpones total entropy. Existence is a loss of perfection; the re-attainment of that perfection is the concert and chorus of being. We are HERE TO GO!

It was asked WTF I was on about. This explains it. sort of.

The Nothing List

From the Qabalistic Concepts book, I give you the basis of the first exercise.

QBL- brain stretches

I have become intrigued by a series of exercises in William Gray's "Qabalistic Concepts: Living the Tree". So, I'm going to be posting the results and reflections on the first series of exercises off and on over the next week or two. I'll explain a bit more below the cut.

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