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Painting from a Photo

Given time, I can draw well enough. But it’s not the fun part - I like painting a lot better. Sometime in my 20’s I got a bit damaged and developed some fine-motor control issues which made drawing and painting all the more challenging. Frankly, I’m a bit lazy, and there just wasn’t enough motivation for me to redevelop the skill in the real world, when I was using computers to do a lot of my work anyhow. So, I started doing it digitally, where there’s no such thing as a fatal mistake, but plenty of easy ways to make bad art and cheat. I dislike cheating at anything , so I evolved this process, which let’s me claim pretty legitimately that I “done gone and made a pretty.”

I recently got an iPad and frankly, this technique is so suited to the device that I couldn’t resist banging one out. This tutorial will take you through creating a “sketch” from the photo all the way to a finished product, using Photoshop CS and ArtStudio.

It’s a sort of paining-by-numbers method, but it takes a lot of practice and a fair amount of skill to do well.

An Open Letter to my Extended Family

Dear Extended Family,

I got your voice mail, and you’ll be pleased to know that I feel exactly the same way. For those of you that haven’t heard it, I’ll transcribe Sh**** lovely message:

Iron Maiden on the Harp

Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper” on the harp? Aw, hell yes.

Æqo loses to wildlife

So, Æqo got off the tie last night and was gone for about 4 hours. There was much panicking and running about hunting for her. Boat load of fail, but a lot of exercise was had. The results were… expensive.

Syadasti Syadavaktavya Syadasti Syannasti Syadasti....

I’ve been rereading Illuminatus! for the 3rd or fourth time. What I’m finding interesting about the experience is that there’s always more in the book than I previously realized. My focus this time is on the way that the characters develop through initiatory processes.

One observation is that the kinds of initiatory shocks the characters receive are fairly traditional in their intent, if not always in their particular forms. When I compare this to the kinds of experience that I’ve had both in formal group initiation and the times initiation has manifested in my life, it leaves me wondering if I started from the wrong point. The characters, and many of my friends have had very strong emotional reactions to initiation; it ‘is’ a transformative experience for them. My own experiences have always been taken in stride. The patterns have always been recognizable to me, and there is a sense of inevitability and frankly, a rather jaded, passionless engagement with the process- and indeed, when a cycle has played out, I’m left often left with a vague sense of disappointment that there wasn’t more to it. It’s almost like there’s some of Taoist at the controls who simply accepts the even, processes the experience, and then lets it go until the next one comes along. The IAO cycle plays through very quickly for me. There’s a sense of “Is that seriously all you had for me this time? Well, it’s a nice t-shirt, at any rate.” Is there such a thing as being too far over on the h. neophilus side?

On what Planet was this NOT a Hate Crime!? Mine.

Ran Across this <a href=”” title=”On what Planet was this NOT a Hate Crime!? Mine.”>article on DailyKOS</a>. I have mixed feelings about this case. On one hand, I feel bad that someone had to die. On the other hand, I know for a fact that the Census Bureau is not above sending anyone from the local sheriff to SWAT teams to escort census takers to the homes of citizens reluctant to complete the forms.


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