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Technology. I love the way it pays my bills.

Playing with Instant Message Scumbags

Conversation with a classic IM wheel. I hate these dorks.

manorits: Yahoo!
10:37-manorits wants your attention!
10:39-manorits wants your attention!

Ellis Emefty
10:43 - How do I know you?
10:44 - You have one opportunity to answer, and then I block you.

(the rest of the conversation is after the jump)

10:44 - asl

Ellis Emefty
10:44 - 30s, M. New England
10:44 - how do I know you?

Unfuck the Leopard Dock

After a couple of days with leopard, I got sick of the new dock. I turned up a fix after poking around, and realizing that side-mounting the dock made it not suck as much, and dumped the 3D crap.

Anyone else who wants to dump the 3D look can try this: % defaults write no-glass -boolean YES % killall Dock

Kick my ass, save the World

I've been using the [Boinc]( client to particpate in a number of grid computing projects for the last year. My involvemnt started off with the need to stress-test a system that was having hardware issues that we couldn't pin down accurately. I moved the client over to my workstation, and it's run there ever since, running in idle cycles mode, for the last 8 months or so.

iPhone acquired

And I’m posting from it. I finally get to be the kid with the Nikes. The one that gets shot and shit, you dig?

Almost There

So, the total site overhaul is nearly done. There are a few cosmetic issues to clear up regarding various cosmetic, and some accommodations that I need to make for folks with display resolutions at or below 1024x768. Mostly, that pertains to the front page portal, since the rest of site generally degrades reasonably under a host of conditions.

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

Sometimes, waiting for a very long time adds up to unrealistic expectations. Every once in a while, we get lucky, and the expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Network Neutrality for the lay-person

This was posted by me as a response to a story on Macsimum News. In the interest of equal time, Dennis Sellers posted an article written by a reader ( "John") stating that network neutrality is a Marxist notion, and is therefore bad. Even aside from the fact that it's a pretty stupid position to try to argue, John is also just plain wrong. If anything, network neutrality is an infrastructure level policy that actively encourages greater choice, and is thereby in line with, and supportive of, the capitalist free-market ideology.

iTunes University - UC Berkeley

UC Berkley has opened up their iTunes U course audio to the general public.

You can jump directly to the website here: "

Keep it in your pants: memory-based storage device security

Jack Gold has a fairly brief article on data security vs. flash memory storage here

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