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Free Music! 1931- Go out Dancing (Part 1)

I have a thing about concept albums- When they work I will listen to them until the disc breaks, when they suck, I feel like I've lost out twice over.

In 1984 Plant P released "Pink World", a power-house narrative and meditation on global apocalypse and nuclear war. Then Planet P went dark.

21 years later, Planet P has once again fired up the broadcast antenna with "1931- Go Out Dancing", an political concept piece, which draws unsubtle parallels between the current state of western politics and those of 1930's Europe.

There's good news and bad news here: the good news is the album is hooky, original, and infectious, and the album is lyrically intelligent, ironic and hopeful.

The bad news is that its also becoming more relevant everyday. If you don't emotionally connect with politics, take a listen to this, and maybe it'll remind you get out there and VOTE.

To set you on you merry way, here are two cuts from the album:

NOTE: The original promo links the audio files have rotted away; Here are two YouTube hosted verions.