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Hexagram Rituals and New Aeonics: WTF?!?

I've been doing some digging into the Hexagram Rituals, and have come up with a point that I cannot seem to get my head wrapped around. I may be creating trouble for myself, but I'd like a head-check before I hurt myself. The traditional assignation of the Elements to their quarters is based on the 4 Fixed Signs of the zodiac in the Hexagram rituals is as follows:


On the making of Abramelin Oil

For the last several weeks, I've been gathering information about the making of the Abramelin Oil, used in a number of Mystical and magickal systems for purposes of consecration and anointment. Yesterday I mixed a prototype batch based on the recipe for the macerated version of the oil This article summarizes my notes and thoughts on the process and expectations for it when, in about 6 weeks, it is decanted.

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