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Snowy Sunday

Man, what a weekend.

Friday, my mom called and told me that my dad has been diagnosed with a really aggressive cancer. It will probably end him. It’s weird the way that the illusion of immortality of youth, while it may wear thin, somehow manages to persist until one confronts the imminent death of a parent.

Yesterday, we held the inaugural meeting of a Magickal working group that I’m forming with some some friends. One of our intended number failed to show. This is a bummer, as frankly, he;s going through a rough patch. I hope everything is OK by him.

Caritas: SJ Tucker needs help!

Last time I put the begging bowl out and beat the drum, it was for for Bob Wilson; I’m doing it again for a musician that I really dig and respect, SJ Tucker.

SJ landed in hospital with severe abdominal pain, and the diagnosis is still not in- it may be appendicitis, and it may be something else. Whatever the case, She’s going to end up with a whopping bill, and doesn’t have insurance. So, anyhow, there’s a big sale and fundraiser going on over at http://www., and the details on her status are up there as well.

It’s hard enough trying to make a living as a career musician without having to deal with sudden medical bills. See if you can’t lend her a hand by buying an album, or just kitting the donate button and throwing a couple buck her way for the karma points. Hell, just downsize your afternoon coffee and send her the difference if you like what she does.

Latest Work on the application...

Good news:

I AM working on material related to the QBL-CMNDR application. and I’m working damn hard at it, if I do say so myself. I’m currently evaluating a promising new cipher for inclusion in the application.

Bad news:

I’m working through a complete analysis, history and criticism of several of the ciphers for inclusion in the documentation of the application. Frankly, So many of the books out there on the topic of English language/ Roman character set gematria, and the English Qabalah in particular suffer from a lack of clarity in their arguments. In some cases, I’ll even be so judgmental as to say the argumentation of the case for the cipher consists primarily of a lot of blind assertion and special pleading from within a narrow set of specially crafted axioms.

Site updates

Working on getting the site upgraded to a newer version of Drupal. If things aren’t working as expected, then wait a day or three- there are more than a few things that I need to straighten out.

I blog, therefore I yam(mer)

/me casts the obligatory initial ‘meh’.

Tweets for the day

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