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Dream Weirdness

True Facts: At 4AM, we had a power interruption, and the UPS for the computer woke Kess and I up.

About 40 minutes Later, I was back in bed and trying to get a few more Z's before the alarm started yelling at me in another hour or so.

I dozed, and had a lucid dream. A couple of them, in fact, both similar or content. That's not the weird part....

Both were dreams in which I was with a non-Kess partner, who was getting really close and personal with me in the flirting department (not the weird part). In the first dream, the woman got kinda lap-dancy. In the second, it started with a nekkid-"good morning" hug. I've never seen either sans clothes in the real world, and that's usually a prerequisite for nakedness in my dreams. (only slightly weird, but still not THE weird part.)

Pretty much as soon as the hooters occurred in both dreams, the dream turned lucid. Once things got to a point where intentions were made clear, and that there was nookie on the line, I would promptly explain that I was married, and would need to consult on the matter with Kess before anything occurred. THAT's the weird part. I was perfectly aware that I was dreaming, and I turned down two imaginary-ish pieces of ass in one night.

WTF? SRSLY. Duuuude.