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Sarum: Requiescat in Pace

I got news yesterday that a one of my good friends from the renaissance faire circuit up here has transitioned.

Sarum, where ever you are, I'll think of you every time I pick up one of my whips. You helped me get down the basic skill, and that has made all the difference in the world.

My hope for you in the next world is that you never tire of plundering your neighbors' heavenly virgins, that you are found to have fulfilled the formula of your praxis, and that the you will remember, when you think of your family down here in the Mater-Materia, that many loved, respected and relied upon you; Faire will not be the same without you, and the world is a smaller place without your soul in it.

Make Babalon blush when you flirt with her!
Laphroaig, Lust and Light to you, brother.
You were always on the square and level.