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O.S.C.O.E.E. RAW Pope Card Drive (updated!)

Our Schismatic Church Of Eris Esoteric (NH Dis-integration) is printing up a fresh run of Pope Cards for R.A.W.

These will be put out for the taking with a request for donations at the CT Renaissance Faire, the Southern NH Pagan Pride Day and anywhere else we can think of that might be friendly to the cause.

All donations will be sent to Bob via his paypal account.

We Discordians can stick the hell apart when we need to.

Hail Eris!

P.S. (from 3 hours later)

It appears that the immediate crisis is over and Bob has made rent for the next month. In the hope and expectation that Bob will have more months, we're going ahead with the Pope card drive, and I'm trying to finagle a book sale together for him.
Time permitting, I'm going to knock out a run of Principias as well, for the benefit of Bob.

Fer Eris Sake, go buy his books, and help out out that way, if you don't just want to send cash. He's an Amazon affiliate, and here's his store:

If you want a brain-bending novel, try the Illuminatus! trilogy. If you just want your brain bent, and to laugh like hell, check out "Right Where You Are Sitting Now : Further Tales of the Illuminati". You won't regret it.