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Latest Work on the application...

Good news:

I AM working on material related to the QBL-CMNDR application. and I'm working damn hard at it, if I do say so myself. I'm currently evaluating a promising new cipher for inclusion in the application.

Bad news:

I'm working through a complete analysis, history and criticism of several of the ciphers for inclusion in the documentation of the application. Frankly, So many of the books out there on the topic of English language/ Roman character set gematria, and the English Qabalah in particular suffer from a lack of clarity in their arguments. In some cases, I'll even be so judgmental as to say the argumentation of the case for the cipher consists primarily of a lot of blind assertion and special pleading from within a narrow set of specially crafted axioms.

I'm increasingly convinced that the best English gematria will not be constructed on the basis of newly or personally revealed wisdom, require complex calculation or analysis in order to yield fruitful results, and at least for a Thelemic English Qabalah, must produce results consistent with the significant results of the various Old Keys suggested in Liber AL. That is to say that I believe that numbers such as 156, 220, 440, 418, 11 and 666 to name a few, should appear prominently in relation to the terms we expect them to, as a result of simple summation, without becoming an exercise in contortion that would make a fakir twitch in sympathy.

Just plain news:

So, With all this in mind, I'm looking over a bunch of the work done to date and attempting to refine the way that certain ciphers are handled in order to provide more complete results. I've found that the single-character equivalency model that I've using is not adequate or accurate for all ciphers, some of which require not merely the use of final characters, but have dependencies based on the pronunciation of the word they are contained in. The are other ciphers for which analysis requires manipulation well beyond the scope of the application, but for which I'd like to provide some sort of method of facilitation. For the former cases , I'm working with a set of test files and doing some experimenting to develop the algorithms for FileMaker Pro. For the latter case, I'm making a lot of notes that I doubt anyone is interested in reading, but may lead to some neat tools for later versions.