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Kick my ass, save the World

I've been using the [Boinc]( client to particpate in a number of grid computing projects for the last year. My involvemnt started off with the need to stress-test a system that was having hardware issues that we couldn't pin down accurately. I moved the client over to my workstation, and it's run there ever since, running in idle cycles mode, for the last 8 months or so.

There are several really interesting projects being farmed out by [World Community Grid]( right now: [FightAIDS@Home.](; [AfricanClimate@Home](; [Discovering Dengue Drugs]( and [Human Proteome Folding - Phase 2]( Projects rotate out of the WCG every few months, and new ones come in. Chances are that something that interests you will appear in the pipeline.

But if you're wondering why I do this, let me explain...

I'm not someone that gets too hung up on competition for it's own sake. While I don't generally suffer from an excess of humility - as my [darling wife]( pointed out the other day - I have been kind of astonished at the stats for my account at WCG of late. Here's the thing- I run a Double-Dual Core 2.66 GHz Xeon System, on Mac OS X.

It's a ballsy system. It keeps me warm in Winter, and sweaty all summer.

It is NOT, in my opinion, ballsy enough to justify my current ranking in the Grid, which has been climbing really fast.

There are **326,464** total members of WCG.

*I'm ranked **5,743**.*

I've climbed *tens of thousands* of rank positions since I got the new Mac in JUNE. With a single workstation. I'm all WTF? are people being stingy with their processor cycles?

I'm user lsmft5235. Will someone please sign into the grid and kick my ass?