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As idle as a painted ship...

We've reached the period between commencement and Summer classes that leaves the computer repair center with relatively little to do. So, we drift and try to look busy and spend a lot of time doing some reading to buff up the old skill set and keep busy looking.

And it's getting harder, actually. I think I may go home at lunch and feign death or something for the afternoon. One can only pretend to be busy for so long.

In other news...

Things are a bit dodgy around the house lately. I've been having some temper issues and have been sort of generally stressed out and on edge a lot. I lost my cool in a big way last week and have really fucked things up with Kess.

It seems to have cooled down a bit, but we'll see what's to come. I'm a bit surprised by my actions of late, and am mentally in a space that I have not been in for several years, and honestly, it's not a place I want to be spending time in.

I need to start shoveling faster.