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I-CONs and Images

Went to I-CON this weekend with Drae, while Kess was in NYC at a "prom" for one of her chat boards. Had a great time over all, and met some very cool people, and had the pleasure of running into an old friend as well.

Managed to run into Voltaire and several of the other convention goers, get a new Cthulhu plush, a few books and some music. Was a good time.

So that the lighter side of it. But of course, there's never just a light side, is it?

I ran into a friend I met at Arisia a few years ago, D, the maker of fine corsets and a brilliantly impish s.o.b. The fellow and his family excel at their craft, and make what are arguably the best corsets in the business. I really would like to see them do a couple of rennaisance faires up this way.

Talked to him and his crew briefly on Friday night and went to dinner with them Saturday. What I was expecting to be a light dinner with some interesting conversation turned into a really heavy chat. D is one of those fellows that has a knack for hitting the bone. Strange how conversations that need to happen have a way of being found.

D and I had a long chat about the meaning of life, and the management of complex relationships. (For those who missed the first iteration of this blog, there are three of us in this household- myself, Drae and Kess. long story, I'll put it together in writing somewhere around here eventually. for now, the who's who will have to wait.) I got a lot out of it, mostly things that I'll be pondering for quite a while yet, but he brought up some good points about things that I had fallen down on in regard to personal maintainence, both socially and spiritually. We have a common Patronage, and he was pointed out to me that my indecisiveness in a number of points was not in keeping with the spirit of that patronage.

I am, or have been, a son of Lugh. Of late, I seem to have lost my connection to the light, in a mess of frustration and a sense on incompetence. I have not felt many-skilled of late, but rather a clod spread too thin to be productive.

I discussed a concern that I was finding that Glad-of-War has taken an interest in my doings, and that Hugin and Munin seem to be constant companions of late. I have a third raven as well, and it is certain that she has my eye.

Glad-of-War should not be on the path that I wish to tread, though were Graybeard to show in another guise, I would be glad to ask him to my table.

Concern was also expressed that I have set myself up for disaster. Pretty shiny things are attractive to corvids. I'm not at my prettiest or shiniest of late, and need to polish up and get down to brass tacks.

D made a good point about that and suggested that I make time to do some deep Work, to see what might come out of that. Iive been slack for too long on that path, and D is right. I need to take that time, one way or another, and get my house and head in order.

So, Lugh has once again reminded me that I have a job to do, and that I need to get cracking. I need to work out how, but that will happen.

So, D, Just o let you know: I took it with me. I'm carrying it still, and I'm shaking it around regularly so that I know I haven't lost it. Fire's hot, hearth is warm, and drink flows free. Slainte! D.