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First Release Approaching...

I've spent most of this weekend working on getting to the point where I feel that the English gematria portion of QBL-CMNDR is suitable for public consumption. There are no analytics in place yet, beyond raw calculations, and I need to add calculators for numeric and foreign passages within English, as they occur in a number of the Class-A texts. Not yet implemented are the calculations for the NAEQ method of "counting well" as described in Liber AL 3:19., and written up in this essay by Jim Lees.

I've also been working out some details on how to cite source material on the various systems of Gematria and provide references in the database. I've got a rack of background information from my researches, and will be providing some notes on commentary on the systems, some summary information built in to the application, and to use the built-in web viewer functionality to make other peoples work available, via the WWW, the the computer running the software is online. This is partially built, and some of this is already built, but the first release will keep it hidden: I'm attempting to get in contact with some of the authors of the works for permission to officially include them within QBL-CMNDR- Things have a way of falling off the web, and many of the primary sources are almost impossible to find in hardcopy. I'd like to make sure that this information is preserved for the long-haul- as a community, occultists suffer a constant attrition of our best information from sources both ancient and contemporary.

There is one more thing that I'd like to mention: The political merits of any particular gematria cipher are not of interest to me in the context of this software package. The method of science will bear out the merits of any given system in any given context: Either the marriage of a gematria and a text either forms the basis of a Qabala, or it does not. This software is intended to be a tool to aid in the formation of that judgement: No judgement is levied within, bar that borne out the data. Interpretation of that data is solely the job of the user.