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Email etiquette 101

I work in an IT at a university. I expect, to some extent, to have to deal with morons. It's part of the job. But for fuck's sake, cannot the people in the IT department at least master the art of sending email? So far this morning, the following egregious violations of etiquette have occurred:

  • Email with no body text, and an attachment in the form of a PDF or Word Document with a one or two paragraph message announcing what should have been in the BODY as TEXT.
  • Messages written entirely in the subject line. ~500 characters. No body content.
  • Email containing a link, with no subject, and no other text. My junk filter nailed this one. I actually needed the info in that link for a current project.
  • If you're sending me something not work-safe, please flag it as such. I really don't need a rash of shit about pictures of boobies on my screen when a manager is walking by. I also don't want to have to decide whether or not to sell your ass down the river.