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Einsturtz: Teil 2

So it's almost two months later, and some things have changed, and some things have not and some things are new and somethings are different, better, worse and stranger.

The situation shifts rapidly and there's still not a heck of a lot of stability. But sometime, I think that the situation might almost be workable.

Someday, anyhow.

What's new: Since the first part of this saga, Kess has started seeing a counselor, and today the whole clan is going together. We'll see how that goes. I'm willing to give this a shot, and Drae has expressed a similar sentiment. I wonder if this means the we'll get triple billed.

Also new: Drae is going to visit her mom out west. I'm going to miss her horribly. It's only for 9 days, but it already seems longer. She's been so distant lately, and seems caught up between depression and exhilaration at the trip. I'm glad she's going. She needs the head space. I hope she comes back renewed, and I hope that she misses us as much has we'll miss her.

What's changed: Frankly, I've been too fucking busy to really spend any quality time with anyone for the last couple of weeks, and probably generating a vibe of vague hostility most of the time over work frustrations. the Day job is fine, a Residual Client from hell is giving me problems. At any rate, it cuts into my personal life rather fiercely, and I just wish the project was done.

I'll finish it this week if it kills me. I want my evenings free, my life back, and my women happy.