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On what Planet was this NOT a Hate Crime!? Mine.

Ran Across this <a href=”” title=”On what Planet was this NOT a Hate Crime!? Mine.”>article on DailyKOS</a>. I have mixed feelings about this case. On one hand, I feel bad that someone had to die. On the other hand, I know for a fact that the Census Bureau is not above sending anyone from the local sheriff to SWAT teams to escort census takers to the homes of citizens reluctant to complete the forms.

While the data collected has been historically pretty innocuous, the simple fact is that some of the questions are pretty invasive from certain standpoints- many of these, are, of course, optional to answer. Unless the census taker comes to your house, in which case you are expected to answer the Extended Dance Remix, which DOES get pretty nosy.

The problem is not the Census as such. It’s the fact that non-participation is not an option for protest. In light of that, the application of resistant force in the face of Government force is inevitable. The only question in my mind is whether the reaction is proportional to the action.