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Painting from a Photo

Given time, I can draw well enough. But it’s not the fun part - I like painting a lot better. Sometime in my 20’s I got a bit damaged and developed some fine-motor control issues which made drawing and painting all the more challenging. Frankly, I’m a bit lazy, and there just wasn’t enough motivation for me to redevelop the skill in the real world, when I was using computers to do a lot of my work anyhow. So, I started doing it digitally, where there’s no such thing as a fatal mistake, but plenty of easy ways to make bad art and cheat. I dislike cheating at anything , so I evolved this process, which let’s me claim pretty legitimately that I “done gone and made a pretty.”

I recently got an iPad and frankly, this technique is so suited to the device that I couldn’t resist banging one out. This tutorial will take you through creating a “sketch” from the photo all the way to a finished product, using Photoshop CS and ArtStudio.

It’s a sort of paining-by-numbers method, but it takes a lot of practice and a fair amount of skill to do well.

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