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Thoughts on the Matter at Hand

Sometimes, something has gotta give, and then entries like these happen

Hunting Ghosts

This has been a weird week, folks. I'm not sure good or bad, but it's been a very haunted week. I suppose that it's appropriate given that it's Halloween.

last week, I was routing through my car and came across a bunch of tapes that some motor oil had leaked on. I had to toss them, but among them was a tape that I felt rather odd about getting rid of. I probably haven't listened to it in five years, but it was a sound-collage tape given to me back in 1993 or 1994.

A Silver Dagger in the back

I'm a member of a guild in EverQuest called the Silver Daggers. At least, at the time of this writing. The reason being that I've got a bone to pick with certain members, and over the last several months it has grown from being a minor irritation to one that I'm choking on. What follows is both a rant, and an open letter to the guild leadership and membership.


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