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Life the Universe and Everything

All the stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.


Right: leftovers in fridge, insufficient quantities of Spam and pseudo-seafood salad to make much of a sandwich independently.

Combine. Stare dubiously for 30 seconds.

result: tastes like chowder with bacon in it.

Filed away in case of desperation/divorce/unwanted guests.

Fuck, it's court day.

Everyone think good thoughts for Drae. We’re off to court soon.

Damn, but this has been eating me up.

Forgive me, Faddah

…. For I have been listening to Motley Crue.

and enjoying it.

In a non-ironic way.

Please Shoot Me.

Content Management Grail Quest or "The internet is for porn!"

I got online for the first time in the latter half of 1993. It took about two weeks for me and my little Unix shell account to discover Usenet. It took about two days beyond that for me to discover the alt.binaries.* hierarchy. Being a good geek, I maintained careful backups of an awful lot of what we shall euphemistically refer to as "media" for the purposes of this discussion. (For those of you who are over 18, feel free to copy the text of this entry, run a find and replace and substitute "porn" for "media".)

We're talking 12 years of history here folks. I've finally decided to see about putting it all together in some sort of sense-making format.. the question is: What tool to use?

Hail Eris! Praise Bob!

Hotdogs come in packages of 8.
Hotdog buns come in packages of 10.
This means that you have to buy 5 packages of hotdogs and 4 packages of buns to come out even.

Or at least, it used to.

The corner store actually sells packages of 8 buns. Hallelujah. Eris is merciful, and I have lived to see a great moment in the history of mankind. Maybe now we can attempt to to sort out the great debate of how many eggs go into an omelette before it becomes a certifiable omel.

Schneller! Warten Sie!

Here Kess and I sit in the Manchester Airport, waiting for Drae to arrive. it's been a rather eventful afternoon and evening. the laste after noon and early evening we spent at my parents house for a combination my birthday/brother-in-law's birthday and getting his US citizenship shindig. Was nice. had much fun, given it was a family event.


Fitzgerald has entered a new phase in his mommy-missing, having taken Drae's chair hostage. Attempts to wrest the chair from his control have resulted in lost limbs and the reduction of human beings to leaky meat-bags.

He will leave the chair only if he hears food hitting the bowl, and if he even suspects that someone might be thinking about using the chair, he runs back to it.

It would be rather cute, if I wasn't testing a website on her computer.


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