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Caritas: SJ Tucker needs help!

Last time I put the begging bowl out and beat the drum, it was for for Bob Wilson; I'm doing it again for a musician that I really dig and respect, SJ Tucker.

SJ landed in hospital with severe abdominal pain, and the diagnosis is still not in- it may be appendicitis, and it may be something else. Whatever the case, She's going to end up with a whopping bill, and doesn't have insurance. So, anyhow, there's a big sale and fundraiser going on over at, and the details on her status are up there as well.

It's hard enough trying to make a living as a career musician without having to deal with sudden medical bills. See if you can't lend her a hand by buying an album, or just kitting the donate button and throwing a couple buck her way for the karma points. Hell, just downsize your afternoon coffee and send her the difference if you like what she does.

Check out her tunes here: and you can even pick your own price.