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The Death of America

Look closely, gang: GovTrack: H.R. 5122: Text of Legislation

Sandwiched in between "Sec. 1075. Patent term extensions for the badges of the American Legion, the American Legion Women's Auxiliary, and the Sons of the American Legion." and "Sec. 1077. Increased hunting and fishing opportunities for members of the Armed Forces, retired members, and disabled veterans." is another nail in the coffin of American liberty.
"Sec. 1076. Use of the Armed Forces in major public emergencies." is a nasty piece of legislation which bypasses the checks and balances on the establishment of martial law provided by the Insurrection Act (10 U.S.C.331 -335 and Posse Comitatus Act (18 U.S.C.1385).

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Thanks from RAW, and congrats from the fandom

REPOSTED FROM: :: Douglas Rushkoff - Weblog ::

Just got this photo, taken yesterday, of Bob saying thanks to everyone who came to his rescue last week. Yes, he's gotten quite svelt, but remember - it's the light behind the eyes that matters.Stop sending money! But keep the good vibes coming. They're what's keeping him feeling alive.

A Message from Bob: Great News

This is reposted from Douglas Rushkoff's Weblog

Message from Bob
10/06/2006 01:18:00 PM

I just received a very sweet email from Robert Anton Wilson's daughter, Christina. Here's an excerpt from what she wrote to me, along with a message for all of you that Bob dictated to her.

O.S.C.O.E.E. RAW Pope Card Drive (updated!)

Our Schismatic Church Of Eris Esoteric (NH Dis-integration) is printing up a fresh run of Pope Cards for R.A.W.

These will be put out for the taking with a request for donations at the CT Renaissance Faire, the Southern NH Pagan Pride Day and anywhere else we can think of that might be friendly to the cause.

All donations will be sent to Bob via his paypal account.

We Discordians can stick the hell apart when we need to.

Hail Eris!

Robert Anton Wilson needs help

Burroughs is gone.
Leary is gone.

Robert Anton Wilson, is not doing real well right now.

The co-author of the Illuminatus! trilogy and author of Prometheus Rising and the Cosmic Trigger series is in very poor health, and an exceedingly grim financial state just now.

Also known to some of us Pope Bob, Mordecai Malignatus, and a host of other pseudonyms, he is one of the greatest minds of the last 100 years, as a synthesist of science, philosophy and psychology.

Eschatological Ideologies in Action

First, read this article from Take a moment and think about how often you hear statements like this being made recently. Take another moment to think about where statements like this appear historically. Try to understand the mindset that the statements Gingrich is making requires: the kind of orientation, ideology and reasoning involved.

Consider now the words "self-fulfilling prophecy".

Are you scared yet? You should be, and the reasons cut fairly deeply. Let me explain my thinking to you...

Magickal Diary - annual review

Last year was a slow year for me in terms of magickal work. I spent a lot of time in research and reflection. Very little in the way of workings got done. I attribute this to a couple of factors. First, I was in a very tight headspace, and was not making time for ritual work. Second, apart from relationship stress, there was relatively little that I felt needed magickal attention- and I'd rather not use magick to manage my relationships.

KTO Thanks & Lon Milo DuQuette Lectures

I spent Saturday and Sunday at the Knights Templar Oasis of the Ordo Templi Orientis to attend two lectures by Lon Milo Duquette. The lectures were wonderful, and I'll discuss them more later. but right up front:

Email etiquette 101

I work in an IT at a university. I expect, to some extent, to have to deal with morons. It's part of the job. But for fuck's sake, cannot the people in the IT department at least master the art of sending email? So far this morning, the following egregious violations of etiquette have occurred:

On the making of Abramelin Oil

For the last several weeks, I've been gathering information about the making of the Abramelin Oil, used in a number of Mystical and magickal systems for purposes of consecration and anointment. Yesterday I mixed a prototype batch based on the recipe for the macerated version of the oil This article summarizes my notes and thoughts on the process and expectations for it when, in about 6 weeks, it is decanted.


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