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Apple faces class-action suit over alleged labor violations

Cult of Mac - 1 hour 43 min ago
A group of former retail and corporate Apple employees are suing the iPhone-maker for alleged violations of the California Labor Code, claiming Apple never granted timely meal or rest breaks, and failed to promptly send out final paychecks as well.…Read more ›

See OS X Yosemite’s latest tweaks in action in beta 4

Cult of Mac - 1 hour 44 min ago
The latest OS X Yosemite beta, pushed to developers Monday, brings a few more tweaks to Apple’s upcoming Mac operating system. In today’s video you’ll get a quick look at the updates in OS X Yosemite beta 4, including changes…Read more ›

5 basic iOS tips everyone needs to know

Cult of Mac - 4 hours 26 min ago
iPhones and iPads are remarkably simple to use. And yet they are also incredibly powerful — and incredibly complicated — devices. Sometimes getting them to do exactly what you want isn’t as straightforward as you might like. In today’s video,…Read more ›

Trust the magic pipeline and other key takeaways from Apple’s Q3 earnings call

Cult of Mac - 4 hours 42 min ago
Even Apple execs sounded pleasantly surprised as they revealed last quarter’s mostly higher-than-expected numbers Tuesday. But in what’s become something of a refrain in Cupertino, they couldn’t stop themselves from vague and knowing references to the incredible products waiting in…Read more ›

Apple falls just below expectations with $37.4 billion earned in Q3 2014

Cult of Mac - 7 hours 6 min ago
Apple has announced its earnings for the third fiscal quarter, and it fell just shy of Wall Street’s revenue predictions but well within its own guidance. iPhone sales were modest at best, but that’s probably because everyone is waiting for the…Read more ›

Liveblog: Hard facts and cheap shots from Apple’s Q3 2014 earnings call

Cult of Mac - 7 hours 37 min ago
Tim Cook and newly-apointed CFO Luca Maestri are getting ready for Apple’s Q3 2014 earnings call with investors. The call will reveal just how much cash the company raked in over the past three months and what they should expect later…Read more ›

iPad decimates rivals when it comes to Web browsing

Cult of Mac - 9 hours 24 min ago
With a great quarter behind Apple and massive refreshes of both iOS and OS X in the near future (along with a little something called the iPhone 6) Tim Cook is unlikely to have a lack of things to crow about…Read more ›

Ay, caramba! Simpsons World will put every episode at your fingertips

Cult of Mac - 9 hours 26 min ago
Imagine a world in which you can watch, search, and share anything from every The Simpsons episode, ever. If you were Homer Simpson, the dim-witted but lovable (and alcoholic child-strangler) father on the 25-year-old animated sitcom created by Matt Groening,…Read more ›

Kobe Bryant says making an iPhone isn’t too different than developing your hoops skills

Cult of Mac - 10 hours 50 min ago
Facing the end of his long, dominant NBA career, Kobe Bryant is branching out into the business world with Kobe Inc., and while he’s picked the brains of people like Oprah, Hillary Swank and Arianna Huffington, it was a meeting…Read more ›

Google Now reigns triumphant in virtual assistant battle with Siri

Cult of Mac - 10 hours 57 min ago
Apple’s Siri virtual assistant is getting better all the time, but Google Now still takes the biscuit, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. Munster ran both virtual assistants through a battery of tests, and shared the results in a…Read more ›

Get an essential universal car mount for your iPhone – take your pick! [Deals]

Cult of Mac - 11 hours 26 min ago
Our world is a connected one. Nearly everyone has a mobile device and we are expected to be connected at all times. When we are driving, though, it’s not safe to be holding our smartphones while making calls. In some…Read more ›

Original Angry Birds take flight again in 15 brand new levels

Cult of Mac - 11 hours 41 min ago
Almost five years after the original Angry Birds game made its debut, Rovio is keeping things fresh with a new update that adds 15 brand new levels. All are based on fan-favorite episodes, and they’re available now on both Android and iOS. It’s quite…Read more ›

MacBook Air update solves issues with sleep and blasting fans

Cult of Mac - 14 hours 21 min ago
If you have a MacBook Air from mid-2011, you may have noticed intermittent issues where your laptop has a harder time waking up from sleep mode than it normally would have done, and when it does, the fans might loudly…Read more ›

Europeans get new roaming options in iOS 8 beta 4

Cult of Mac - 14 hours 30 min ago
  If you’re an iPhone user based in Europe, you’re going to have greater control over data roaming when iOS 8 makes its public debut this fall. Apple has added the ability to toggle Internet connectivity specifically alongside the general data roaming switch…Read more ›

Sketchy rumor suggests iPad mini 3 will be 30% thinner

Cult of Mac - 14 hours 41 min ago
A pretty sketchy rumor coming out of China claims that the new model iPad mini 3 might borrow the “Air” moniker of its bigger brother, and be a whopping 30 percent thinner than its predecessor. The report also claims that…Read more ›

Environmental Protection Agency accidentally tweets about Kim Kardashian game, hilarity ensues

Cult of Mac - 14 hours 51 min ago
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is pretty much everything wrong with mobile development, in a nutshell. A freemium game that invites users to waste ungodly amounts of money on stupid in-app purchases, the game is on track to make $200 million this…Read more ›

Ken Ham Versus Heathen Space Aliens

Augoeides - 15 hours 41 min ago
Ken Ham of Creation Museum fame has to be one of the stupidest human beings on the planet. While I realize that to my readers this isn't exactly a revelation, his recent comments pretty much take the cake. According to Ham, we should stop spending money exploring space and searching for alien life because the aliens are all going to hell anyway.

“Life did not evolve but was specially created by God, as Genesis clearly teaches. Christians certainly shouldn’t expect alien life to be cropping up across the universe,” he continued. “Now the Bible doesn’t say whether there is or is not animal or plant life in outer space. I certainly suspect not.” But regardless of whether there was life in outer space, Ham asserted that it could not be truly “intelligent.”

“You see, the Bible makes it clear that Adam’s sin affected the whole universe. This means that any aliens would also be affected by Adam’s sin, but because they are not Adam’s descendants, they can’t have salvation,” he explained. “Jesus did not become the ‘GodKlingon’ or the ‘GodMartian’! Only descendants of Adam can be saved. God’s Son remains the ‘Godman’ as our Savior.”
Let me detail the ways in which this makes absolutely no sense, and bear with me, it'll take awhile. First off, Genesis doesn't explicitly state that God only created life on earth. From Genesis 1 (King James Version):

1. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
Note: "the heaven and the earth."

2. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
And then the beginning of verse 2 sets the context of the narrative that follows with "And the earth." Thus, from verse 2 on it's specifically the earth being talked about. No other planets are mentioned. So there's nothing in the text that precludes other planets also being created by God - at least, not if you possess basic reading comprehension skills.

Then, in Genesis 2 and 3 - the story of Adam and Eve's expulsion from Eden - the text likewise doesn't mention other planets and certainly not the "whole universe." Eden is, in fact, identified as a place on earth, the source of four rivers including the very earthbound Tigris and Euphrates. So again, there's nothing in the text that would preclude the creation myth being specifically about earth.

Much of Ham's perspective stems from the way in which he interprets the Bible - even though he flat-out claims that he's a literalist and does no such thing. The Ussher Chronology, which he insists is the only way to date the age of the earth, is itself a seventeenth-century interpretation that not even all young-earth creationists accept.

For example, let's say you keep Ussher's contention that "one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day" from 2 Peter 3:8. If you then read the story in order as "seven days" before the events of Genesis 2 marked the beginning of recorded history, you wind up with a creation date more like 10,000 BCE or so rather than Ussher's 4004 BCE. If you read the Bible literally, that makes more sense than Ussher's additional convolutions.

Ussher for some reason decided that the birth of Jesus had to take place at the beginning of the fifth day, 4004 years after the creation itself. This is pure interpretation. Here's what Genesis actually says God created on the fifth day:

20. And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.

21. And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.

22. And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth.
Not one mention of Jesus, or even human beings. They get created on the sixth day. Not only that, mapping the six days as Ussher does would imply that there were no human beings prior to 1000 CE, because that's when the sixth day starts. But according to Ham, even prominent conservative evangelist Pat Robertson is not a real Christian because he doesn't accept the Ussher Chronology, even though it makes even less sense than and differs from a literal reading of the text.

At any rate, Ham's apparent perspective on Genesis is that the narrative is exclusionary - that is, nothing not in the narrative actually happened. But that would imply, for example, that China never existed in Biblical times. It's not like much of anything outside the Middle East appears in scripture, and if you read a story like the Exodus that way, it would imply that there were no human beings anywhere in the world besides Egypt and Mesopotamia. But we know that's not true.

So that says to me that even if the young-earthers are right, reading Genesis as exclusionary is simply wrong. That being the case, earth may not have been the only world God created with intelligent life, and as we can observe planets orbiting nearby stars with our current telescopes, it seems a pretty likely bet.

As to the question of life on those worlds, without the exclusionary reading there's no reason to think intelligent alien life couldn't be out there. But if Ham is right, and aliens can't be saved because they are either (A) not the descendents of Adam or (B) do not know Christ, I can't see why any good Christian would want to stop looking for them.

Let's say (A) is correct. Then the solution to saving an alien race would be to hybridize them with humans. In fact, if the contactees are right, could this already be going on? As far as (B) goes, clearly any good Christian would want to develop the technology to communicate with them and share the Good News. Maybe they wouldn't be interested, but they would at least have a choice. But Ken Ham wants to deny them even that.

So where does that leave Answers in Genesis, with this incongruent mess of a theology? It all makes so little sense that it's hard to say. And that's all just looking at his comments from a theological rather than a scientific point of view.

Science, of course, abandoned Ken Ham and his brethren long ago.

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Apple patent describes Pebble-style ‘iTime’ smart watch

Cult of Mac - 17 hours 1 min ago
In what is quite possibly the strongest indication to date that Apple has been working on a smart watch for some time, on Tuesday the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published an Apple patent related to a “Wrist-worn electronic device”…Read more ›


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