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Afternoon Dream: Chapel Perilous as Children's Museum

Surreal dream from this afternoon's nap below cut

It was like a setting out of some weird hybrid novel... senses of scale were hard to hold onto.. Bookcase elevators, leading to floor where there were different forms of distress --- different forms of danger. Some parts were sci-fi worlds... There was always a sense that I was somehow being tested: Initiation at it's most merciless: No rules, changing rules.

Inanimate objects that were sentient, and needed to be bargained with for passages... I recall one large thing.. like a mattress foam floor that was malicious in some way, attempting to betray me. I knew that I needed to escape this floor-thing, and found I was able to fly, with some poorly defined winged apparatus. I was trying to hide from something or somethings that were shooting at me.

I recall flying around a large white chamber. the surfaces were smooth, like a porcelain bathtub, and there was some duct-work that was landing on to rest, and determine where I needed to go next.

The whole dream is very confused, vary unclear. General environment seems also to have the tone of an interactive children's museum, or place where knowledge and learning were important, but somehow corrupt. There was a lot of sway between fear and elation... loss of control and gaining control back.

People in this dream were all known to me. I do not recall that any of them died, but many were panicked, and often ran away from either me, or whatever the omnipresent danger was.

Parts were sexually charged, but not explicitly sexual... the energy of such moments carried the force of sexual excitement, with no knowable stimulus... no image to pin it on.