I haven't done this for a while, since it usually ends up not in a discussion at home, but in bitching and recrimination, and eventually a shouting match. But sometimes, I just gotta say "Fuck it!" and let it all spill out.

This is one of those days. Read on if you want a bunch of bitching, moaning, ranting and raving. Don't bother if you don't.

A Silver Dagger in the back

I'm a member of a guild in EverQuest called the Silver Daggers. At least, at the time of this writing. The reason being that I've got a bone to pick with certain members, and over the last several months it has grown from being a minor irritation to one that I'm choking on. What follows is both a rant, and an open letter to the guild leadership and membership.

As idle as a painted ship...

We've reached the period between commencement and Summer classes that leaves the computer repair center with relatively little to do. So, we drift and try to look busy and spend a lot of time doing some reading to buff up the old skill set and keep busy looking.

And it's getting harder, actually. I think I may go home at lunch and feign death or something for the afternoon. One can only pretend to be busy for so long.

In other news...

Hail Eris! Praise Bob!

Hotdogs come in packages of 8.
Hotdog buns come in packages of 10.
This means that you have to buy 5 packages of hotdogs and 4 packages of buns to come out even.

Or at least, it used to.

The corner store actually sells packages of 8 buns. Hallelujah. Eris is merciful, and I have lived to see a great moment in the history of mankind. Maybe now we can attempt to to sort out the great debate of how many eggs go into an omelette before it becomes a certifiable omel.

It is not logical, but it is often true.

I just want to pack this whole thing up and go off on my own. I love both Kess and Drae, but between them I find that I always end up being the loser when it comes to keeping them happy, and tolerant of each other.

Kess stays hip deep in jewelry supplies, and her jewelry forae and her discussion boards. Drae was neck deep in Ever-Quest, and since she got a voice chat app she's literally up to her ears. Kess is difficult to talk to because every conversation ends up being about the relationship. and Drae doesn't talk to me at all anymore, hardly.

Schneller! Warten Sie!

Here Kess and I sit in the Manchester Airport, waiting for Drae to arrive. it's been a rather eventful afternoon and evening. the laste after noon and early evening we spent at my parents house for a combination my birthday/brother-in-law's birthday and getting his US citizenship shindig. Was nice. had much fun, given it was a family event.


Fitzgerald has entered a new phase in his mommy-missing, having taken Drae's chair hostage. Attempts to wrest the chair from his control have resulted in lost limbs and the reduction of human beings to leaky meat-bags.

He will leave the chair only if he hears food hitting the bowl, and if he even suspects that someone might be thinking about using the chair, he runs back to it.

It would be rather cute, if I wasn't testing a website on her computer.

Einsturtz: Teil 2

So it's almost two months later, and some things have changed, and some things have not and some things are new and somethings are different, better, worse and stranger.

The situation shifts rapidly and there's still not a heck of a lot of stability. But sometime, I think that the situation might almost be workable.

Someday, anyhow.

Einsturtz: Teil 1

Things took a turn for the worse Sunday afternoon, owing to a miscommunication. I don't know where the message got lost, and I don't really care. What bothers me is that it happened, and that miscommunication piled on miscommunication, and the situation grew out of control.

Drae and I had been checking in with our home base vendor-people at the con to see if there had been any word from Kess about a change in schedule. I was expecting her sometime after 3:00 — closer to 4:00 — at the campus train station. Turns out that her train came in at 12:30, and that she didn't see anyone who looked like a con attendee coming or going from the station. So, she did what comes naturally for her and panicked.

I-CONs and Images

Went to I-CON this weekend with Drae, while Kess was in NYC at a "prom" for one of her chat boards. Had a great time over all, and met some very cool people, and had the pleasure of running into an old friend as well.

Managed to run into Voltaire and several of the other convention goers, get a new Cthulhu plush, a few books and some music. Was a good time.

So that the lighter side of it. But of course, there's never just a light side, is it?

I ran into a friend I met at Arisia a few years ago, D, the maker of fine corsets and a brilliantly impish s.o.b. The fellow and his family excel at their craft, and make what are arguably the best corsets in the business. I really would like to see them do a couple of rennaisance faires up this way.


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