Which Way To America?

I look at the T. V.
Your America’s doing well
I look out the window
My America’s catching hell
I just want to know which way do I go to get to your America?
I just want to know which way do I go to get to your America?
I change the channel
Your America’s doing fine
I read the headlines
My America’s doing time
I just want to know which way do I go to get to your America?
I just want to know which way do I go to get to your America?
Go west young, go west young man
Don’t want to crossover

Discovery of the True Will

Much thinking about this over the last couple of days, and in part in response to my own earlier post on Nothing. Being directed toward gnosis of the Nothing, it seems that the discovery of ones True Will is an experimental process of discovering what the True Will is NOT- that is, determining one's limitations and weaknesses as a means of finding the path of one's strengths. This constellation of strengths and weaknesses should indicate where the Magickian is to GO.

Nothing, and the Nature of Moral Valuation

The following is a response to an entry on ShepJoe's LJ.

...displaced from the Nothing into the Something. It's as irrevocable as thermodynamics: more, it's the means by which Universe postpones total entropy. Existence is a loss of perfection; the re-attainment of that perfection is the concert and chorus of being. We are HERE TO GO!

It was asked WTF I was on about. This explains it. sort of.

Pimping for Black Lab

For those of you who missed Bum Rush the Charts IODA has kindly put up the track you failed to buy. For those you who did help out, BRTC when pretty damn well. You can't have your dollar back, but you can point people here for a listen to the Black Lab's "This Night".

Passion Leaves a Trace

Der ich

An unintentionally nifty picture of YT. I think I look good in this one. You don't have to.

The Nothing List

From the Qabalistic Concepts book, I give you the basis of the first exercise.

QBL- brain stretches

I have become intrigued by a series of exercises in William Gray's "Qabalistic Concepts: Living the Tree". So, I'm going to be posting the results and reflections on the first series of exercises off and on over the next week or two. I'll explain a bit more below the cut.

Afternoon Dream: Chapel Perilous as Children's Museum

Surreal dream from this afternoon's nap below cut

It was like a setting out of some weird hybrid novel... senses of scale were hard to hold onto.. Bookcase elevators, leading to floor where there were different forms of distress --- different forms of danger. Some parts were sci-fi worlds... There was always a sense that I was somehow being tested: Initiation at it's most merciless: No rules, changing rules.


I've been pondering modes of operation and ritual gear for several weeks. This morning, I was eyeballing the old Mac SE when it hit me that more than any other single object that I can imagine, THAT is the most appropriate focus I could possibly be using. With some simple fidgeting and digging around old software archives, I bet I could even use it for tablet and square operations.


Your Power Color Is Lime Green

At Your Highest:

You are adventurous, witty, and a visionary.

At Your Lowest:

You feel misunderstood, like you don't fit in.

In Love:

You have a tough exterior, but can be very dedicated.

How You're Attractive:

Your self-awareness and confidence lights up a room.

Your Eternal Question:

"What else do I need in my life?"

My interpretation of this below the cut...


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