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Random thoughts

I’ve been up hellishly late 2 nights in a row. First was Tuesday, when I decided to damn the torpedoes and truck my ass to Salem to see my KTO brothers. It was a pleasure and privilege to see them again.

Spent last night working on hexagram ritual analysis with E. Not a bad night’s work.

The Greater Feast of Les Paul

Les Paul, originator of the solid body electric guitar, multi-track recording, and a master of the instrument, celebrated his Greater Feast on August 13th.

His legacy is immense.

Hexagram Rituals and New Aeonics: WTF?!?

I’ve been doing some digging into the Hexagram Rituals, and have come up with a point that I cannot seem to get my head wrapped around. I may be creating trouble for myself, but I’d like a head-check before I hurt myself.
The traditional assignation of the Elements to their quarters is based on the 4 Fixed Signs of the zodiac in the Hexagram rituals is as follows:



Cities hiring private police?

Klint Finley over at Renegade Futurist recently pointed out This Story from the Wall Street Journal about the city of Oakland, CA hiring private guards to supplement their police force. Their reasoning, that contracting private guards are less expensive than hiring new police officers may well be sound; however, there’s a moral issue involved that concerns me: who bears responsibility for the actions of those private guards?

Ideally, the responsibility would still lie with the city, since the guards are acting as their agents. but as we saw with Blackwater Worldwide, now called Xe Worldwide over in the Middle East, what we find is that the penalties for misconduct are financial at best and result in a company having to rebrand, at worst. What I haven’t seen from either the government that hired Blackwater, or from Blackwater/Xe’s management is a sincere mea culpa. They paid a few million dollars in fines - to the government - which essentially came back to them in the form of renewed and extended contracts from that same government. In other words, their responsibility has been pretty minimal, in light of what they’ve been accused of.

So what happens when we see that same lack of culpability manifest in this country?

Book Review: "To Perfect This Feast: A Commentary on Liber XV, The Gnostic Mass"

<strong>To Perfect This Feast: A Commentary on Liber XV, the Gnostic Mass</strong>
<em>James and Nancy Wasserman; Bishops Tahuti and Mara</em>

Book reviews are strange territory- they stand only as opinion, and yet pretend to objectivity, influencing the reception of the text. They habitually disclose little of the nature of the reviewer’s thought process in arriving at Hir conclusions. As this is the first book review I’ve posted here, I’m going to start with a bit of disclosure, in hopes that it benefits the reader.

RIP: Lux Interior

In the Spring of 1 990, my 13 year old self was hanging out with a friend in a sketchy lean-to of a garage in New Hampshire, cleaning up from tinkering with another friends car, and listening to cassettes on the ghettobox. We’d been listening to headbanger standards for most of that day- Iron Maiden, Metallica and the like.

I was pawing through the cooler for another can of piss-water beer when I saw this bright yellow cassette case with a freaked-out zombie dude on it. I tossed it in the player, twiddled some thumb while it damn thing rewound, and pressed play.
A hollow, ‘verbed out jangler of an intro riff.
Dead simple drums, all backbeat.
And then, this tweaked out caterwaul that could only have come out of some Frank-n-furter’s monster made from parts of the Big Bopper and Patsy Cline”

“you ain’t no punk, you punk…”

I wanted to turn it off, but I was afraid to get close enough to the player to do so- as if increased proximity would have been enough to contaminate me.


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