Book Review: "To Perfect This Feast: A Commentary on Liber XV, The Gnostic Mass"

To Perfect This Feast: A Commentary on Liber XV, the Gnostic Mass James and Nancy Wasserman; Bishops Tahuti and Mara

Book reviews are strange territory- they stand only as opinion, and yet pretend to objectivity, influencing the reception of the text. They habitually disclose little of the nature of the reviewer's thought process in arriving at Hir conclusions. As this is the first book review I've posted here, I'm going to start with a bit of disclosure, in hopes that it benefits the reader.

RIP: Lux Interior

In the Spring of 1990, my 13 year old self was hanging out with a friend in a sketchy lean-to of a garage in New Hampshire, cleaning up from tinkering with another friends car, and listening to cassettes on the ghettobox. We'd been listening to headbanger standards for most of that day- Iron Maiden, Metallica and the like.

Closing: First Church of Wicca

According to the website it seems that the First Church of Wicca has lost it's High Priestess to to the Christians.
This at first, seems to be a Bad Thing for the pagan community in general, and in Massachusetts in particular. I'm less convinced that this is as horrible as a lot of commentators seem to think. Let me try to explain some of my thoughts, and while I'm at it, look at some of the reasons why I think unloading Reverend Kendra is a pretty good deal.

Snowy Sunday

Man, what a weekend.

Friday, my mom called and told me that my dad has been diagnosed with a really aggressive cancer. It will probably end him. It’s weird the way that the illusion of immortality of youth, while it may wear thin, somehow manages to persist until one confronts the imminent death of a parent.

Yesterday, we held the inaugural meeting of a Magickal working group that I’m forming with some some friends. One of our intended number failed to show. This is a bummer, as frankly, he;s going through a rough patch. I hope everything is OK by him.

Caritas: SJ Tucker needs help!

Last time I put the begging bowl out and beat the drum, it was for for Bob Wilson; I'm doing it again for a musician that I really dig and respect, SJ Tucker.

SJ landed in hospital with severe abdominal pain, and the diagnosis is still not in- it may be appendicitis, and it may be something else. Whatever the case, She's going to end up with a whopping bill, and doesn't have insurance. So, anyhow, there's a big sale and fundraiser going on over at, and the details on her status are up there as well.

Latest Work on the application...

Good news:

I AM working on material related to the QBL-CMNDR application. and I'm working damn hard at it, if I do say so myself. I'm currently evaluating a promising new cipher for inclusion in the application.

Bad news:

Delays and upcoming updates....

Sorry for the lag in updates here on the software.

I'm currently researching a number of other ciphers and working on plans for making the software more flexible in term of adding new ciphers and correspondence tables. Most of this is being done in very brief runs with many interruptions, as things are busy between home and work just now.

However, with the holiday break coming up, I'm hoping to have time to get an updated release out to you sometime in early January.

Best News Story EVER.

From the Courier Mail

Man fined for penis in pasta jar

November 19, 2008 04:20pm

A MAN caught by police with his penis submerged in a pasta sauce jar was still pleasuring himself while resisting arrest, a court has been told.

First Release Approaching...

I've spent most of this weekend working on getting to the point where I feel that the English gematria portion of QBL-CMNDR is suitable for public consumption. There are no analytics in place yet, beyond raw calculations, and I need to add calculators for numeric and foreign passages within English, as they occur in a number of the Class-A texts. Not yet implemented are the calculations for the NAEQ method of "counting well" as described in Liber AL 3:19., and written up in this essay by Jim Lees.

Liber OZ-Fest 2008

It will be my pleasure to host the KTO's Liber OZ festival at my abode.

Filled with Joy. Making laundry list of cleaning and set-up tasks to accomplish this weekend.


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